About the Project

GREBE will focus on the challenges of peripheral and arctic regions as places for doing business and help develop renewable energy (RE) business opportunities provided by extreme conditions. It will support successful development of SMEs and start-ups in this sector through analysis of advanced RE options, expert business mentoring, transnational models of successful growth strategies, policy analysis and information on funding mechanisms for businesses and support agencies.

Challenges including a lack of critical mass, dispersed settlements, poor accessibility and vulnerability to climate change effects are well recognised. GREBE will equip SMEs and start-ups with the skills and confidence to overcome these challenges and use place based natural assets for RE to best sustainable effect.

The overarching aim GREBE project is to develop and share support for renewable energy as a viable business sector for SMEs /micro business as a response to the unique natural environment of the northern periphery regions of Europe.

GREBE seeks to enhance the social and economic vibrancy of peripheral areas and offer employment opportunities for local residents. The harsh climatic environment combined with a unique natural environment means that RE is an ideal business opportunity in the NPA region, with both strong supply and demand opportunities.

GREBE will provide improved models of business supports and methods to aid the development of small RE businesses by adopting an integrated multi-targeted approach incorporating a range of factors that collectively will establish the ideal supporting conditions for small scale renewable energy business to prosper. These factors are inherent to the GREBE objectives, which are listed below:

  • Assist with the establishment and refinement of a supportive policy framework for start-ups and existing SME’s in the RE sector
  • Maximise impact of existing funding schemes for start-ups/SME’s, to optimise business growth
  • Review and highlight technology adaption potential for RE, to make use of the harsh natural environment of these regions
  • Improve business environment through business mentoring services and business growth strategies, to realise more competitive and successful NPA regions
  • Attune the policy, funding, technology and business growth recommendations and supports realised by GREBE, to address challenges of remote and sparsely populated areas.
  • Offer access to business development info for the RE sector, promoting transnational learning and networking in the sector.